Together with a group of volunteers, De Bakermat and the consultatiebureau organize Babycafe! You are warmly welcome to join the Babycafe with your baby from 0-2 years old. Every month a Babycafe meeting is organized with different topics. We hope you enjoy the network of young parents in Wageningen, and to exchange your questions and experiences of being a parent.
The professionals speaking at the Babycafe are mainly Dutch speaking, but everyone is used to speaking English. There is always someone available to translate into English if necessary.
From breastfeeding organization La Leche League, Verena Kamper is present at the Babycafe to answer all your questions about breastfeeding.
Feel free to nurse your baby (breast or bottle) or change a diaper!

What & Where?
Every second wednesday of the month, from 10.00 until 12.00 o’clock, at Inloopcentrum Markt 17 in Wageningen.

Schedule for 2020

13 mei Introducing solid food, by Melanie Hanique
Whether you’ve already started with solid food or want to get started soon, there are always questions. Melanie Hanique will come to tell you all about it and answer all your burning questions. There is also plenty of room to exchange experiences with other parents.

10 juni On holiday with your baby, by Tiny Bouw (parenting coach)

8 juli Babymassage by Gerda Thieme
Relaxing contact with your baby. Quality time!

12 augustus Carrying your child, ragen, door draagdoek consulent
Carrying your baby with you is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s to go from A to B or to have those extra pairs of hands free at home. But what ways of carrying your baby are there? And what shape suits you best? It is also fun for experienced wearers to exchange experiences. There will be a number of carriers and slings so you can try something out.

9 september Reading aloud, by Jose Tammer (bblth)

14 oktober Spelen en Pickler, by Aafke Huisman

11 november Feeding your child

9 december Swimming for parent & child

This scheduale can change due to personal circumstances. Have a look on the Facebook page of Babycafe Wageningen for the latest updates!

Hope to see you soon!