Birth control

Birth control

Sex is something to enjoy, without worrying such as an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.


Which type of birth control you choose depends on many factors. For example your age, health, giving breastfeeding or just giving birth may influence you decision. And maybe you think about getting pregnant sooner or later? At De Bakermat we offer you consultation to look into your situation and advice and inform you about the different options of birth controlread more

The midwives can prescribe the contraceptive which suits your situation best. If you are interested in having a IUD, a midwife from the Bakermat can place this in a next appointment. The costs for these appointments are not always covered by you health insurance. You will receive an invoice from De Bakermat for the care we arranged for you.

Postpartum / After giving birth

The first menstruation can start 6 weeks after the birth. It is very different in every situation when this will start again. When you fully breastfeed the baby, it is possible that your menstruation cycle will be suppressed. About two weeks before your menstruation period, the ovulation will take place. So therefore you can be fertile before you even know it. We advise you to think about birth control in the time after you have given birth, to protect for a new pregnancy if you wish. read more

If you do not want to get pregnant right away, make sure to use birth control from the first time of sexual intercourse after you have given birth. Giving breastfeeding to your baby does lower the chances of getting pregnant, but does not fully prevent a pregnancy.  In the week after you have given birth, we will talk with you about the options for birth control. If you want more information later on, please contact us to plan a consultation to specifically discuss birth control or for the placing of an IUD.