Corona update

We can imagine that being pregnant in this corona time is (extra) challenging. We believe it is important to take good care of our pregnant clients right now and to offer as much trust and clarity as possible. Do you have questions or are you worried about something? Please contact us. We are here for you!

Corona also influences how we can and are allowed to do our work. We adhere to a number of measures to give obstetric care the safest possible form. Your support and cooperation is of great importance. Read more about the current measures.

General measures:

  • The midwives will wear a mouth mask during consultations, childbirth and maternity visits;
  • We would like to ask you to wear a mouth mask when you come to the practice for a check up;
  • We ask clients to come to the practice on their own as much as possible;
  • Do not come to the practice if you feel sick (having a cold, coughing or a fever), give us a call so we can postpone your consultation;
  • Before entering the consultation room, wash your hands in the kitchen;
  • We will keep to the 1,5 m rule as much as possible.

Consultation duration:

  • Come on time, but not more than 5 min in advance;
  • Do not come too late, in case it does happen, we will make a new appointment with you;
  • If you think you need a longer time for your scheduled appointment, call the assistant to extend or reschedule your appointment.

Care during and after birth:

  • At the moment the delivery can also take place in the Gelderse Vallei hospital if you do not have a medical indication;
  • Click here for the most updated information about delivering in the Gelderse Vallei hospital;
  • After birth, we advise you to keep visitors at a minimum;
  • IUD placement is possible again.

We will provide continuity of care 24/7, in collaboration with all our colleagues in our region and hospital.

We hope, things will be normal again soon!!