Desire to have children

Desire to have children

When you decide you want to become pregnant it is often a time when there are a lot of questions and subjects you may not easily talk about with others.
During our special surgery for those who want to have children, we can answer a lot of questions. Furthermore we will be talking about subjects that are important during the time of becoming pregnant and being pregnant.

– Stop using contraceptives
– Conception advice
– Fertility
– Nutrition advice
– Heredity and congenital defects
– Tests during pregnancy
– Living regimes
– (preventing) Infectious diseases

Do you want to become pregnant healthily and would you like to discuss it privately? We can advise you on, for example, nutrition, medication, harmful substances and folic acid, so that you have every chance of a healthy start to the pregnancy.
We only provide care concerning pregnancy, giving birth and the period afterwards in Wageningen, Renkum, Heelsum and Bennekom. If you live outside this area you are still welcome to come to our special surgery for people who want children.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

To prepare yourself for pregnancy you can fill out this questionnaire and discuss it with one of the midwifes