Payment conditions

Payment conditions

Payment conditions are those laid down by the Dutch Organisation of Midwives, with its registered office at Utrecht, filed at the Registry of the District Court of Utrecht on 21 June 1996, under number 165/1996

For complete or partial midwifery care, supplied by a midwife or her/his substitute, the following terms and conditions apply:

Term of payment
Payment for the midwifery care provided must be made by the client within 30 days of the invoice date to the midwife who she is registered with for her pregnancy, without any deductions, set-offs or discounts.

If the term of payment is exceeded the client is considered to be in default without requiring any notice of default. As from the expiry date of the invoice a 1% monthly interest over the outstanding amount is payable by the client, whereby a part of a month is calculated as a full month.

Recovery costs
If the client remains in default of payment after a summons, all judicial and out of court recovery costs the midwife must make to obtain full payment will be for the account of the client without any further notice of default. The recovery costs amount to a minimum of 15% of the debt, increased by the VAT payable on the costs, insofar as the midwife is not able to offset this. Recovery costs include the cost of legal assistance, engaging a debt recovering agency, bailiff or lawyer.

For the determination of the amount payable by the client, the midwife’s records are the deciding factor, unless the client has explicit proof to the contrary.

Arbitration scheme
All disputes resulting from an agreement subject to these terms and conditions will be presented to the competent judge for the debtor’s residence. If the dispute between parties does not fall within the competence of the district judge, the midwife is entitled to submit a dispute to the competent judge in Utrecht.