Phone instructions

Phone instructions

In case of contractions, waters broken and/or blood loss before 37 weeks pregnancy call us immediately. Also when you feel worried about, you can always call us.

After 37 you should call us in case of:

Loss of amniotic fluid

If the waters break during the day we would like you to phone us immediately. Always check the colour of the amniotic fluid. Clear, with white flakes, or pink is normal. If the waters break in the evening (after 21:30 hours) and the amniotic fluid has a normal colour you may wait to phone until the following morning (09:00 hours). Is the amniotic fluid brown or green, or if the baby’s head was not engaged at the last check-up, you must phone us immediately. (We will tell you all this during check-ups).


After 37 weeks you must phone us if you have had contractions for an hour at 5 minutes apart, which last for about 1 minute and are so strong you have to do breathing exercises. This is a guideline. If you need us sooner, you can always call sooner.

Loss of blood

At the end of the pregnancy you may lose the mucous plug. This can be mucous-like or sometimes even a bit rubbery. It is normal that you will have some brown or clear blood loss with that. That does not mean to say that the birth is about to begin. After losing the mucous plug it may take days or even weeks before the birth starts. There is therefore no need to phone when you lose the mucous plug. If you lose a lot of blood (comparable or more than a menstrual period) you do have to contact us immediately. This also applies to a lot of blood loss during the birth.