Postnatal period

Postnatal period

Finally the time has come: your baby is born. One of the greatest imaginable changes in your life has taken place: you have become parents!
Parents respond very differently to the first meeting with their baby. Relief, surprise, joy, silence. You may have all of these emotions.

During the postnatal period a lot of attention is given to how you experienced the birth, the breastfeeding, your recovery after the birth and how your baby is doing. We do this in close cooperation with your maternity nurse (kraamzorg in Dutch). read more

Kraamzorg or maternity care is a unique system in The Netherlands. The maternity nurse helps you and your partner to care for the baby, and to give breastfeeding or formula feeding. She will learn you everything you need to know for the care of the first weeks of the baby. In most families, the maternity nurse can stay until 7 days after the baby is born. The midwives and maternity nurses work closely together in the postnatal period. The maternity nurse will be your first point of contact in this week, and the midwives are medically responsible and will speak to you and the maternity nurse about once every other day. If you have any concerns you may of course always contact us by telephone.

During the birth, the maternity nurse assists us to take good care for you and the baby. After the baby is born, she will stay with you for at least three hours to help you. The maternity nurse will do the check-ups of you and the baby, and she supports you in giving the first feedings to the baby.

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Within three business days, you need to arrange the registration of your baby at the city hall. You also need to register the baby with your health insurance company.