Practice organisation

Practice organisation


At the Bakermat we work with four midwives.  Four pair of eyes, one team!     

       Aafke van Os

       Gerjanne Vrielink

       Marise Hootsen

       Marije Vellinga

Because we work as a team of midwives together, we have a lot of different experience and  knowledge in one team. And besides that, there will be always a fresh and fit midwife available for you!

We stand in for each other during holidays and sickness, so you will not see any other extra face during your pregnancy or delivery.


Anne-Gies and Luisa are our assistants. They are present at our practice every morning. They help us with all the administrative tasks and will answer the phone every morning to help you with your questions. (0317-411971 Monday til Friday 9:15-12:00).

       Anne-Gies Hollaar

       Luisa Kraan

Consultation hours
Consultations are held at our practice at Boterstraat 4A in Wageningen. On every weekday (and at least one evening) there are one or two midwives at the practice running a consultation hour.
If you just want to find out something, read up on things or feed your baby, you are most welcome in our large waiting room during opening hours.

Births, maternity visits and emergencies.
One of our midwives is on duty every day and every night. This means she could be helping with a birth, but she may also be visiting families who just had a baby on that day. In the event that there are two or more people giving birth at the same time we can rely on each other and associate practises ( Midwifery practice ‘Eva’ or ‘Goed Begin’).

We see each other almost daily and are in close contact. This way each one of us knows precisely what is happening in the practice and what the situation is with our pregnant women.

Midwives in training
During the time we supply care a midwife in training may be present or provide care under our supervision. Information about who is accompanying us is available in the waiting room. If you do not want him/her to be present at check-ups or the birth, you can always let us know.

At the moment there is no midwife in training at the Bakermat