Pregnancy course

Pregnancy course

Your body will deal with being pregnant and giving birth instinctively.

The hardest part of giving birth is that you must have faith in what is going to happen even though you have no idea how the birth will progress. All antenatal courses focus on having faith in and embracing the birth. Other aims of the course are to improve your fitness, give you advice about your health and/or prepare you for future parenthood.

Several courses in our region are listed below. At our practice there are also information leaflets about the courses.

Prenatal information evening at hospital Gelderse Vallei Ede
Even if you are under the care of a midwife you can visit the prenatal information evening at the Gelderse Vallei Hospital.

Samen bevallen
Giving birth together is a pregnancy course which you can join with your birth partner.
Samen bevallen is a course by Leonieke Bos given in Ede and Veenendaal.


Hypnobirthing teaches you and your partner how to give birth relaxed and with confidence. Making birth easier and more comfortable.

HypnoBirthing is a very practical course for expecting parents.
Easy to learn, fun to do!

See this youtube link to see what impact hypnobirthing can have for your delivery: CLICK

What hypnobirthing offers:
• Powerful techniques for deep relaxation so that you are in control –
• Effective breathings so you can work optimally with your body and keep fit
• Optimum bonding with your baby before, during and after birth
• How your partner can have a significant role during birth. Teamwork!
• In short, lots of information, practical tools and tips

You can start the course when you are pregnant between 16 and 32 weeks. The sooner you start the more benefits you will have.

A group course HypnoBirthing in English will start in the Bakermat, your midwifery practice, in Wageningen.

Click here for more information and to subscribe on the website of Jannicke Siebrandij.


The aim of  ZwangerFit® (fitness in pregnancy) is to exercise in a responsible way to prevent complaints and increase your strength during and after the pregnancy. You will work on fitness, muscle strength, posture, coordination, pelvic floor and pelvic stability.
This is done under direct supervision of pelvic physiotherapist and ZwangerFit®-instructor Johanna Baar.


Yoga consists of physical exercises, postures and breathing. By practicing yoga you become more aware of your own body and learn to feel your own body better. Below is a list of addresses that cater for yoga for pregnant women at different locations.

Haptonomic support during pregnancy

Haptonomic support during pregnancy  focuses on the parents and their unborn child. The support is aimed at possibilities for parents to be in touch with each other and with their baby.

Areas that are given attention include how the mother can carry her baby in the best possible way, coping with pain together, birth position and active involvement of the parents during the birth.

Jacqueline van Woerden, Arnhem.

Breastfeeding course

During pregnancy it is important to think about what kind of feeding your baby will receive. If you are interested you can follow a breastfeeding course. Have a look at the following website for a breastfeeding course