Good preparation makes sure that you become more familiar with giving birth. This gives confidence and peace of mind!

You can prepare in different ways. You can talk about it with other people, follow a course and/or read about it.

You may also like  to put your wishes or expectations on paper in the form of a birth plan.

The leaflet: ‘Your birth. How do you prepare?’  lists everything that may help.

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Checklist of requirements
Here you will find a list of all items you will require for childbirth and maternity period. These requirements cover both mother and child, for childbirth at home or in hospital. With regard to items for the baby, we would advise you to have everything washed in advance. Do not add a fabric softener so as to prevent irritation of your baby’s skin.

Blocks and bedpan
From 37 weeks you can take the blocks (to raise your bed) and the bedpan home.  Both are available from medipoint. Check with your maternity care organization about the minimum requirement for the height of your bed.

Child care
If you have children already, it is advisable to arrange childcare in advance for the moment the birth starts.