Prices midwifery care

Every year, the NZa (Nederlandse Zorg autoriteit / Dutch healthcare authority) advises for the prices of midwifery care. De Bakermat follows this advise every year.

The prices for basic midwivery care are most likely covered by your health insurance. If you have a Dutch health insurance, the midwives can send the invoice directly to the health insurance organisation. In this case, the basis midwifery care ar not withdrawn from your ‘eigen risico’. If you have an international insurance or health insurance from a different country, please discuss with your health insurance organisation what the rules and regulations are for your situation.

consultation for birth control €30,00
consultation about your previous pregnancy if problematic
– intake € 65,00
– next consultation € 75,00
– EMDR € 90,00
placing IUD € 67,01
removing IUD € 67,01
ultrasound check up IUD € 30,00

The costs for these extra consultation will not be covered by every health care insurance. You will receive an invoice for the costs of these consultations.
The costs for a consultation to discuss the desire to have children, will be covered from 2018 onwards. Therefore no invoice will be send to you, but only to the health care insurance.