The birth

The birth

From 37 weeks up until 42 weeks pregnancy it is safe to give birth under our care. If you are going to have a preterm birth, we will refer you to the gynaecologist to make sure you get all the help you need for the baby.

Giving birth is quite something. To put it stronger: giving birth is very exciting. Especially if it is your first baby. But also for the second or following baby you never know how it will go each time. When does it start? How will you cope with contractions? Each birth is different and each woman experiences it in her own way. Nobody can tell you how you will feel when your baby is born. What they can tell you is what happens to you during the birth and how you can best prepare for it.

For more information read the leaflet: ‘How to prepare for birth’.

Homebirth in The Netherlands
Simone Buitendijk, Professor of Maternal and Child Health gives a keynote speech about giving birth in the Netherlands at the Babyface congress in Amsterdam.
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The start of the birth
In 90% of cases the birth starts with contractions. In 10% of the cases the waters break first. You usually notice the loss of amniotic fluid, because you suddenly lose a lot of (amniotic ) fluid. Some women actually feel something ‘snap’. That is not always necessarily the case. Sometimes you just notice that you continuously lose a bit of fluid. This may be urine, because you have less bladder control or you may have a bit more discharge. If you are in doubt whether you are losing amniotic fluid, you must call us. Save the wet sanitary towel or underwear in a plastic bag. We will come and visit you to assess whether it is real amniotic fluid that you lost.

Our care during the birth is aimed at giving you and your partner as much space and confidence as possible to let your baby be born under your own steam. Everybody’s needs are different. Talk about it with your partner and make your wishes known to us. Furthermore, we have the important role of spotting medical risks in time and giving appropriate treatment, if necessary.

De Oerbron (birth in a birth pool)
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Birth pool
If you consider a waterbirth you can rent a birthpool. Take a look at the following website: to rent a bath for a home delivery. In the hospital ‘De gelderse vallei’ is also a birth pool present.

Collaboration midwives and gynaecologists in the hospital
De Bakermat works close together with the doctors and midwives in the hospital, with both Ziekenhuis De Gelderse Vallei Ede and Ziekenhuis Rijnstate Arnhem. There could be reasons during the birth to ask their specialized care. Then the midwifery team of the hospital will assist you during the birth. If you wish we (try to) stay with you during the birth. We will discuss with you what your wishes and needs are.