What arrangements to make

What arrangements to make

Maternity care

During and after the birth you will need a maternity nurse. It is important to arrange this in time, from about 12 weeks pregnancy and at least before 16 weeks of pregnancy. You can arrange this by contacting your health insurance company. They, or you, will then contact the maternity care organisation of your choice. There are also costs involved in maternity care (approximately 5 euros an hour). Ask your maternity care organisation and health insurance company what their arrangements are.

There are several maternity organisations in our region and you can pick the one you prefer.

You should also enquire with your insurance whether a maternity kit will be sent to you or whether you have to buy one yourself.

Checklist: what to do

This checklist can help you with the things you need to arrange or do during your pregnancy.

Checklist: what to buy

This list can help you what things to buy.

Acknowledgement and authority

If you and your partner are not married, it is useful to arrange the acknowledgement (of the child by the future father) during the pregnancy. For this purpose you both have to go to the town hall (with identity papers). Parental authority can only be arranged once your baby is born. Extra (dutch) info

Child care

If you need child care in the future, it may be good to enquire early during the pregnancy where and how best to arrange this. Registering in time is important if there is a waiting list for the child care of your choice.

Pregnancy certificate

Your employer may ask for a pregnancy certificate. The assistant of the Bakermat will be able to help you with that.