Ultrasound scans during pregnancy

Ultrasound scans during pregnancy

Our practice has its own scanning equipment. After the first check-up you will be offered a dating scan between 10 and 12 weeks. During this scan we will measure how far you are pregnant, if the baby is in good condition and to see if there’s one or two!

Around 35 to 37 weeks of pregnancy we will check the position of the baby. Apart from these two scans, at our practice scanning is only carried out if there is a medical reason.

Scanning is an ultrasound technique to make organs in the body visible. Ultrasound consists of high frequency waves transmitted by a transducer. The human ear cannot hear them. The internal organs bounce these sound waves back and they become visible on a screen.

Ultrasound scans have been widely used for more than twenty-five years. To date no adverse or damaging effects have emerged from its use or from scientific research.

A risk that is often forgotten, is that an ultrasound scan may show unexpected things. It is quite a shock to hear that your child may have a defect. Fortunately most children are born without any defects. There is therefore a small chance that you may be faced with an unexpected result. If you do not wish to be informed of any defects, you should make this clear before the ultrasound scan is carried out.
The most underestimated, but most common, risk of an ultrasound scan is that it may cause unnecessary anxiety. Something may be measured incorrectly. Sometimes it looks like there is a defect but later it is either not found or not important.

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